5 reasons to buy an elliptical machine at home !

What is an elliptical machine?

A perfectly hybrid and complete sporting equipment, the elliptical machine does not just imitate the movements of a single sport, but strives to reproduce simultaneously the movements of running, cycling, rowing and skiing background. Just that !

Its grip is rather simple and particularly intuitive since it is enough to stand and pedal like you would on a bike. The two articulated arms from front to back and connected directly to the pedals will help you to maintain balance and to better manage the effort by applying the muscles of your abdominal belt and the top of your body.

The principle of operation of the best elliptical machine lies in its inertia wheel. It is the latter which causes the movement of the pedal and the handles. Thus, in a basic way, the difficulty of the effort will come from the resistance induced by the weight of the wheel. The heavier the wheel, the greater the resistance and the sustained effort.

5 reasons to opt for the elliptical machine at home.

1) One movement

By its design, the elliptical machine solicits the muscles of the body in a complete and harmonious way. This unique movement allows a rapid refinement of the entire silhouette, in particular by quickly removing unnecessary greases. Indeed, a session of half an hour will allow you to accumulate the calories expended by the organism because it is almost 80% of the muscles that are stressed during the effort. Thus, since the difficulty is not localized on a single part of the body, the sensation of effort is less and the results are more homogeneous.

This principle of action makes it a complete device and an essential asset in any program aimed at weight loss. The elliptical machine is also suitable for convalescent athletes and those in rehabilitation.

2) Multiple physiological benefits

In addition to soliciting the whole musculature smoothly and smoothly for the joints, the benefits of the elliptical are numerous. Even if the first sessions can be challenging for the biggest beginners, after only a few sessions, you will begin to feel the effects on your endurance. In the same way your cardiovascular system and your respiratory capacity will work effectively to help you regain shape and vitality, far from the usual sports constraints (aches, discouragement, …).

3) Playful and motivating programs

Today, most elliptical machines offer pre-established training programs (fitness, cardio training, preparation for a competition).

These are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to lose weight, whether you are in rehabilitation or simply want to regain fitness, these programs are fun and will help you stay motivated throughout your session. You have to set goals before you can reach them!

4) An all-in-one fitness room

Having an elliptical machine directly at home is the possibility of being able to follow your sports program without any time constraints, weather or even money. All you have to do is put on your outfit and your sneakers before starting your session, whenever you want and where you want it for a recovery at your own pace and without stress. From sport to demand you say? It’s now possible!

5) An ideal anti-stress.

By combining sport and pleasure, an elliptical session will help you to evacuate the stress accumulated during your day and to relax for a deep and restful sleep. Good for body and mind, why not add to your session a rhythmic and motivating background music?

The word of the coach: The elliptical machine works 80% of your muscles. In effect, the thrust movement at the pedal acts on your thighs, your buttocks and your calves. When you use the mobile arm, this time it is your arms, your shoulders and your pectorals that will be solicited. Finally, the positioning that encourages you to keep your back straight allows a cladding action and strengthens your abdominals and your lumbar. The elliptical machine is ideal for working your entire body and toning you down effectively!

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