Choose the chainsaw that meets YOUR needs !

Cutting firewood, sharpening, pruning trees in the garden … the uses of a chainsaw are multiple for a particular.
What power is needed? What energy? Which comfort and safety equipment could facilitate my use?
It is essential to keep the right criteria in mind before buying your best chainsaw: here is our guide to make the right choice!

Where will you be using your chainsaw?
In the garden, you will probably have an electrical outlet nearby, an electric chainsaw may be the right choice. electric chainsaws are lightweight, efficient, non-polluting and silent.

In the forest or in a large garden, a chainsaw will offer you the freedom of movement and power you will need.

For large gardens, battery saws are ideal. They offer the advantages of electric chainsaws (lightweight, non-polluting, silent and just as powerful) with wireless mobility in addition! You can reuse your battery with other battery machines.

The level of performance (power, displacement …) depends on the tasks you want to achieve with your chainsaw. If in doubt, consult a dealer.

The type of guide: the length does not do everything!

Attention, a long guide is impressive but is not always the ideal choice for your work.
The length of your chainsaw guide should therefore correspond to:
To the application / use area.
-to the power of the engine.
A guide of a length of 30cm will suffice for most applications in the garden: cutting firewood, cutting the branches of a tree, doing small jobs, wood carving …
The type of chain: the key to performance and quality of cutting
For added safety and comfort, users should check that their chain has a low vibration level and a low tendency to bounce.

For regular users, chains with tungsten carbide pellets (Duro chains) are recommended. The sharpening life is 4 times longer than a conventional chain.

For users looking for an even more precise cut, Picco chains with square gouge are ideal.
Recommended chainsaws

Battery Chain Saw MSA 120 C-BQ

Exceptionally lightweight (3.7 kg with AK20 battery), high performance thanks to its 36 volt Lithium-Ion battery technology, the MSA 120 C-BQ battery saving saw is ideal for garden maintenance and cutting of firewood. Practical: it is silent and therefore does not require hearing protections.
-Use simple and intuitive
-High Performance with 36V Lithium-Ion Battery Technology
-Safety with the QuickStop Super chain brake
Recommended retail price (Charger and battery included): 309 €
Heat shrinking machine MS 180Temperature cutting machine MS 180
The MS 180 is a chainsaw with an excellent price / performance ratio. Ideal for small operations of cutting, debitage or limbing. Very light, nervous and reliable: the MS 180 is the quality and comfort at a low price.
-Compact, light and very handy
-Side chain tensioner for absolute safety
– Universal lever control for easy and safe handling
Recommended retail price: 269 €
Pruning shears MS 201 TC-M Pruning shears MS 201 TC-M
You liked the MS 200 T, you will love the MS 201 TC-M! The MS 201 T evolves and is equipped with the M-Tronic (M) system, which is designed to offer this machine performances that have never before been achieved. Developed in close collaboration with pruners to perfectly meet their expectations, the MS 201 TC-M surprised by its performances in particular cold and optimal mass distribution.
– Simplified startup with the M-Tronic System
-Performances optimized cold from the start
-Rollomatic E Light chain guide for low weight and optimal mass distribution
Price Range: 729 €
Personal protective equipment (PPE)
Because safety is essential, consider equipping yourself with the necessary safety equipment:
-cut trousers or protection legs
-cutting gloves
Anti-cuts, etc.
Tips: Use your chainsaw well Tips: Use your chainsaw
Articles, videos … Consult the advice to use your chainsaw efficiently and safely.

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