How to distinguish true trimmer and fake trimmer?

In today’s life, most homes have a garden or yard, so they can organize activities or entertain themselves with family members or friends after busy weekends. And of course, they always want the yards that are always beautiful and aesthetically. To solve this problem, the intelligent trimmers have appeared, which helps them so much. However, Today the market is producing a lot of trimmers we do not know which kind of trimmer is suitable or quality. This article will help you solve this difficult problem.

First, you should learn about lawn mower thoroughly. You can visit trusted sites and see the comments. For example, you can access by keyword “ best string trimmer reviews”. Immediately many reviews of this lawn mower will appear. Then you read and select the necessary and suitable information.

Second,  you can also identify by your naked eyes. Nowadays, there are some products of Honda trimmer that are imitation products. To protect the interests of consumers and help customers choose the genuine Honda, we recommend that you take note of some of the features when purchasing a HONDA trimmer. By the naked eye, we can easily identify them by looking at the chassis and the color of the engine. The genuine box is printed in bold and sharp lines. The color of the carton is pure color. And if it’s imitation, the barrel will be light and the prints blurred and not sharp.

Third, the criteria for assessing trimmer is genuine or counterfeit. There are four things to keep in mind before buying a lawn mower. The first thing is shell case ( there are quality stamps, not quality stamps). The second thing is warranty card ( Original Warranty Certificate issued by the Issuer and on the original Warranty Card, the machine serial number is identical to the serial number on the machine body (engine body))

In contrast, There is no Original Warranty Card issued by the company, but only the warranty card issued by the company, self-founded shops and there is no serial number on the camera body. The fourth thing is the origin of goods or import (Yes). In contrast, it does not have. Therefore, you should ask the sales unit to provide CO, CQ of the goods to see the origin of the product. The fifth thing is appellation. For example, lawn mowers: Honda BC35JK, Honda BC25JK, HC35 and spraying machine: KSF2501, KSF3501 is true. It only has the engine name GX35, GX25, …

Fourth, the characteristic of a good trimmer. There are nine features.

– Lightweight, flexible operation.

– Compact size, high efficiency.

– Made of solid material, anti-collision and not rusty.

– Power is strong, performance is stable.

– Equipped with pumping pump, electronic ignition, and anti-vibration system.

– Cylinder capacity and high fuel tank capacity.

– The outer shell is equipped with optimal insulation system.

– Plastic handle smooth, anti-slip.

– Convenient storage and storage.

Finally, When you are going to buy lawnmowers you should find the type with a suitable capacity for your using intends. If you use a portable lawn mower to take care of the garden for the family, you should choose the medium machine is the most reasonable. However,  you use the machine to cut the grass, the farm, you should buy larger capacity. On the market today there are many models of lawn mowers with a variety of designs and models and in different high and low prices. In order to avoid the purchase of low-quality goods of unknown origin, you should look for reputable, branded establishments to buy with many preferential modes as well as warranty machines easier.

The information that we have provided above we hope it will make it easy for you to distinguish between fake and real lawn mowers that are rampant in the market and make you extremely pondering and anxious. Good luck to your family.

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