Choosing the right shampoo for gorgeous hair

Every woman dreams of beautiful, shiny and silky hair. However, hair care is never easy, especially during certain times of the year. Fortunately, there are many shampoos to suit all situations, and choosing the right shampoo is an important step towards healthy hair. And that's why cosmetic brands are scrambling to find us the ideal products: shampoos without parabens, silicone, sulphate... But how do you choose from these wide ranges of products? How do you know the right one? What should we do to fight against hair loss? Are there any anti-breakage tips? Good advice will be offered in this article.

Choosing the right shampoo

You bet! The right one. Did you know that every type of hair; whether normal, curly, oily, dry, coloured or curly, requires particularly adequate care. Taking the example of normal hair, silicone is not necessarily to be avoided. What is not the case for other types of dry hair or hair damaged by colouring should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, for optimal results, it is essential to know the nature of this hair and to find the right shampoo for your scalp. It is also important to know that the effectiveness of a product diminishes over time. Hence the need to change or even use several shampoos from time to time.

Hair loss

Brushing weakens your hair and causes falls. It may sound absurd, but with frequent use, it can lead to loss or even falls. It is therefore advisable to choose your comb carefully, comb your hair gently and only do it twice a day. For women who are used to washing their hair every day, be aware that this can damage it and therefore lead to unnecessary falls. On this point, following are the list of recommended complementary foods: bone powder, seaweed, clay, pollen, wheat germ.

Anti-breakage tips

It is advisable to avoid tying your hair frequently. Of course, everyone has a preference, but letting go of the hair from time to time allows it to breathe. One of the main causes of damaged hair is hair dryers. Use a heat protector before any contact with this appliance. So avoid these common mistakes and start to adopt good habits. With these tips, you can be sure to have beautiful, healthy hair. Anti-breakage shampoos are also available in pharmacies and almost all cosmetic shops.
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