Mental health

How to decorate a wellness centre?

In this article, we share with you the keys to decorate a wellness centre so that it provides a relaxing effect and invites you to…

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Sleep tight to avoid stress

What keeps a person from feeling good is usually not the stress itself, but the ways in which it is dealt with. In what follows,…

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9 tips to enhance your memory

Tackling stress Too much stress causes the brain’s main memory centre, the hippocampus, to no longer use the sugar in the blood. If there is…

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Three ways to combat stress and exhaustion

When a person finds themselves in a difficult situation, whether in their private life or at work, feelings of frustration and uneasiness begin to emerge….

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What happens to my body when I get worried ?

Many of you have certainly experienced going out to buy something and when you arrived in the store you forgot what you were planning to…

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Say bye to bad fat and hello to muscles!

Still can’t get the fat out of your body that prevents your muscles from working properly the way you want them to? A few optimizations…

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