How to eat organic in the United States?

Eating well is essential for good health. However, is it possible to eat healthy when you are an expatriate in the United States, a country…

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Healthy shopping in the United States

Doing an article on shopping (food) may seem odd at first glance. However, everyone who has been living in the United States for more than…

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Opening an organic store: advice and instructions for use

Do you dream of creating an organic shop, but you lack information on how to get there? The good news is that in this article…

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Chocolate combined with zinc is good for your health

According to a new study, drinking chocolate and drinking coffee or tea can prolong life. For a better effect, it is recommended to combine it…

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Questions and Answers on Lactose Intolerance

Is lactose intolerance dangerous? No, lactose intolerance is a genetic variant of the ability to break down milk sugar. Most adults in the world are…

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How do vegans keep a good nutritional status ?

Chlorella It is a micro algae rich in proteins and various nutrients. It contains about 60% high quality protein. It also contains amino acids, vitamins…

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