Headaches: massages that relieve

You often have headaches and you are tired of taking a lot of pills to relieve yourself. There are indeed natural practices to relieve your headache. For example, you can practice self-massage. Regular self-massage is effective in relieving everyday pains such as headaches. What is the main cause of headaches? But how can you self-massage? What are the benefits of self-massage?

What is the main cause of headaches?

It's night time, you have terrible headaches or migraines. Headaches can be caused by tension in the muscles of the neck, scalp and jaw. It can also be caused by light, noise or exercise and may be accompanied by nausea. Running out of aspirin or doliprane? Don't panic! The solution is easy in your hands. If, in general, the first reflex of people suffering from headaches is to take medication, massage is effective in relieving our headache or migraine. It relieves quickly and it's more practical.

How to practice self-massage?

The only equipment you need is your hand. The four points to be massaged are located behind the head at the top of the neck, at the temples, at the base of the capillary implant and on the hand. Place your fingers on the back of your head at the top of the nape of the neck and massage for about two minutes with small, gentle circular movements of your fingers. At the temples: make five circles in one direction and five circles in the other direction with your palms. To massage the skull and cervical region, massage your scalp with the palm of your hand and make small circular movements. Hand massage between thumb and forefinger: Place your fingers on the thin skin between thumb and forefinger and massage gently. When you feel ill at the points mentioned, insist on massaging longer. This will provide rapid relief by stimulating the different functions of the body and calming sensations of vertigo.

The benefits of massage

According to researchers, massage can reduce the intensity of a headache by up to 24%. Self-massage could relieve psychological stress, manage pain, improve energy flow and relieve muscle tension. It soothes your aching muscle and relaxes you and also provides quick relief. It can also reduce stress and help you fall asleep better.
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