How to decorate a wellness centre?

In this article, we share with you the keys to decorate a wellness centre so that it provides a relaxing effect and invites you to take care of yourself. In order to provide a feeling of relaxation, it is important that the world around us is unfamiliar to us, and that it inspires us to travel for an instant. Indeed, we have all experienced how our attention changes especially when we travel. We rediscover a taste for observing things, we take the time to chat with a stranger, to take a picture of a flower we like, to enjoy every sip of our tea. Travelling allows us to disconnect from the reality we have created for ourselves on a daily basis. It allows us to see things differently, to appreciate them differently and to take more time for ourselves. This is why it is important that the decoration of a wellness centre invites you to travel. It will then allow us to disconnect from everyday life more quickly, and to refocus more effectively.

What colour to choose for the interior decoration of a wellness area?

The tones of pink, salmon, and peach, mauve are good in a wellness area! All these colours and more are available at the specialized stores and shops; you can find their addresses easily via many online websites like for instance. Pink is the colour of love, of flowers, of sweetness. It therefore has the effect of putting us in a state of gratitude and appreciation of our own bodies. It incites us to love ourselves and therefore to appreciate more the time we give to ourselves. It helps us to accept ourselves as we are. In addition, pink will have the effect of not being in the judgment of others. Everyone will walk around the spa, at their own pace, with their thoughts. It incites the benevolence of oneself and others. In addition, pink is the representative colour of our body.  It symbolizes the delicate touch of a baby's skin; fragile and precious at the same time. It therefore has the effect of making us appreciate the sensations of our body and to relearn how to touch it. On a daily basis, we often tend to take a quick shower and then get dressed. We do not take the time to observe ourselves or to touch our skin. Certain doctrines have led us to consider our body as dirty and unclean; something to be hidden. Thus touching our body is also to become aware of this precious instrument we have to lead our daily lives. It is through it that we discover life, experience and advance. Moreover, the colour used for the brands of lingerie, closest to our skin - Orcanta, Soleil Sucré, Victoria Secret - is pink.

What is a decoration that makes you travel?

The interior design of a spa that takes you on a journey must have a strong decoration in which the whole universe is recreated in every detail. It is a way of arranging materials differently from what we would do at home. To be immersed in a different and singular universe is to travel in a decoration. When we design an interior, we tend not to dare, to use familiar materials, already seen, because they seem safer and trendier. In a space such as a wellness centre, we have to dare, to go to the end of the idea, to dig into the universe without deviating from the main idea: to make our senses travel. As we saw in the article "how to decorate your entrance", the awakening of touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste allow us to instantly enter a universe. Thus each of our senses will be stimulated in the direction of travel, well-being and relaxation. In conclusion, whether in the massage room, or the hammam, the tones of pink and parma are very beneficial for the effects they have on us, and are often used in the interior decoration of spas.
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