How to handle your weight or lose weight easily?

Published on : 23 March 20203 min reading time

Eating a healthy diet and regular exercise play a very important role in overall well-being. Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity can lead to weight gain. What foods can be used to help you gain weight? What activities should you favour to better manage your weight? Is there a slimming formula suitable for everyone?

Food to keep your figure in shape

Reducing caloric intake is one of the basic rules of thumb for losing weight. Therefore, high calorie foods such as fats and fast sugars should be avoided or reduced to keep your figure in shape. It is therefore advisable to adopt a healthy, balanced diet without excess on a daily basis.

Here are some basic tips: eat more nutritious, fresh and low-glycemic index foods. You should also choose starchy foods such as pasta, rice, potatoes or bread, as they provide the energy and fibre your body needs. However, be careful with fatty sauces made with butter, cheese and cream.

Eat a whole piece of fruit rather than a juice. A whole fruit provides as many calories as a small bottle of juice. For lasting weight loss, it is advisable to choose small plates and serve small portions. According to researchers, a higher consumption of red meat and cold cuts leads to weight gain. Conversely, foods rich in vegetables will help you control your weight better.

Tips to lose weight easily

Relax, as this can make you lose weight more easily. When you are stressed, your body will secrete a hormone that will increase your appetite and limit your caloric expenditure. Get enough sleep. Researchers have shown through several studies that lack of sleep stimulates the appetite. Slimming surgery is often useful for people suffering from obesity, but with medical validation. It is not recommended to eat outside of meals. If you cannot wait until mealtime, drink a coffee or tea without sugar or a glass of water.

The best activities to lose weight

Regular physical and sports activities also provide well-being and health. It has also been proven that sport accelerates the slimming process. It is indispensable, as it gets your body moving and increases calorie expenditure and fat burning. Practicing endurance sports such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming… cause a very high energy expenditure. Be aware that 20 to 30 minutes of daily walking can already make a difference. Endurance exercise is highly recommended, such as cycling. If time and distance allow, choose to cycle instead of taking the car or the subway to go out.

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