How to revitalize your hair and nails?

Published on : 23 March 20203 min reading time

Are you tired of dull, frizzy hair that breaks and falls out? Soft, transparent, yellow or striped nails?

Bad habits to avoid

A healthy lifestyle plays a very important role in maintaining normal hair and nails. On the other hand, a poor diet can cause them a lot of damage. For example, a lack of vitamins and minerals can attack the hair and damage it. As for the nails, these same deficiencies can be the cause of streaks and breaks.

The change of season can also have harmful consequences for both nails and hair. In autumn, for example, the change in temperature, humidity and lack of vitamin D can cause them to suffer. It is therefore strongly advised to pamper them more than usual at the beginning of the season.

Other causes can also be dryness and abuse of nail polish as well as smoking. The latter affects blood circulation and can reduce the volume of biotin in the blood, an amino acid useful for healthy nails.

However, here are some natural remedies and diets that should help you have strong nails and silky, shiny hair.

Silky and shiny hair

Vitamin and mineral-rich oils such as jojoba, sweet almond, olive and argan oil nourish your hair. Honey also plays a very important role. The enzymes and nutrients contained in honey give your hair shine.

First of all, to strengthen the hair’s vitality, gently massage your scalp with natural oil. Then wrap it in a towel and wash your hair with mild shampoo. Avoid repeated brushing and perming. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods rich in vitamins D3, B5 and B6.

Nails without streaks or breaks

When it comes to nails, choose foods rich in vitamin B such as wheat germ, brewer’s yeast or egg yolks. Eat more foods rich in vitamin C (fresh fruit, citrus fruits, green peppers), silicon (vegetables) and protein (meat).

To maintain normal nails, take food supplements rich in zinc, iron, sulphur and silicon. From time to time you should let your nails breathe, i.e. without polish. It is better to avoid dark colors, because they can give a yellow-orange color which is only eliminated when the nails grow back. Moisturize your nails, applying once a day a massage at the base of the nails with the moisturizing cream. Result: the nail is more resistant to daily aggressions.


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