Solutions for joint and muscle pain

Joint problems are nowadays a well-known pain in society. In general, they occur with age. Here are some grandmother's remedies and other simple and cheap products good to know to soothe joint and muscle pain. Note however that they do not cure at all, but can be prevented.

Physical activities

Regular physical exercise without excess maintains muscle mass and joint mobility. Regular endurance exercises such as cycling, swimming, walking... This type of sport promotes the well-being of the heart and arteries and prevents overweight. They consist in maintaining the muscle. Stretching exercises are also recommended to ensure the mobility and flexibility of the joints, while making them supple. Sport increases the release of endorphins (calming substances).

What to eat to soothe joint pain ?

Research has proven the link between diet and joint and muscle pain. A diet based on olive oil, fish, fruit and vegetables (Cretan diet) is very protective for joint and muscle pain. Foods rich in antioxidants are also recommended to limit pain. Fruits and vegetables with yellow and orange pigments such as orange, carrot and melon have strong antioxidant properties. The consumption of eggs, onions, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, legumes, asparagus... restores joint well-being and thus increases the effect of the cortisol naturally produced by the body. Foods rich in Omega 6 such as red meat, milk and cheese should be limited as they can increase inflammation and tissue oxidation. Rather prefer foods rich in Omega 3. For example, it can be found in fatty fish, walnut oil and colza oil from first cold pressing.

The Massage

Regular massage is beneficial for daily well-being. Swedish, Californian, Esalen and Trager massage are gentle massages that help to relax muscles, back, neck knots and contractures. Massage with massage oil such as essential oil can stimulate blood circulation and relieve cramps. Massaging a joint helps to effectively relieve your joints and restore your freedom of movement. Warm and cold compresses on joints also help circulate blood and calm pain. But it is not recommended for the person who has a circulatory disorder.
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