Ways to treat the most acute headaches

  1. Drinking water

Too little fluid in the body can quickly cause headaches. In any case, it's a good idea to drink two or three large glasses of water a day, but a supplement may be enough to restore balance.
  1. Get out in the fresh air

Lack of fresh air and/or poor ventilation in your home or any other place can cause headaches. Go outside and you will feel much better.
  1. Get some sleep

It can be difficult if you are at work or in a conference room, but if you have the opportunity, it is likely that a rest period in a cool, dark room will help. Often, a nap can be enough.
  1. Eating

Sometimes it's lack of energy that causes headaches, so have a sandwich or fruit (preferably rich in vitamin C). If you have time, eat a good, balanced breakfast.
  1. Get some exercise

I know that exercise is the last thing you want when you have a headache. But the fact is, it often helps. You can play football with your friends for example, but a brisk walk can do the trick. It's not about the number of exercises you do and how hard they are, but how regular they are. Walking for half an hour daily is more interesting than strenuous physical effort for hours on a single day.
  1. Take an analgesic

Only if you don't make a habit of it, the painkiller is really there to help you. According to pharmacies, in the case of intense headaches, it is more effective to take one with paracetamol and one with ibuprofen and rinse it off with coffee. They therefore work in different ways and affect your bodies differently.
  1. Massage the painful part of your body

Headaches are basically never in the brain (we have almost no sensation there), but in the muscles of the head and caused by the accumulation of tension. Therefore, the pain can also decrease if you can relieve the tension. The two most common sites of headaches are the temples and the attachments of the jaw muscles. You can temporarily relieve headaches by massaging these muscles at the same time as you relax. For a long-term solution, you must learn to keep your teeth out of contact with each other, rotate your jaws, roll with your shoulders, stop wrinkling and stretch your neck muscles at regular intervals.
  1. Changing your working position

Another longer-term solution, but one that can give quick results depending on the quality of your working position today. First, you should sit well and partly you should change your sitting position. It can also be useful to look at the screen from time to time or to work standing up.
  1. Reducing stress

Stress causes tension headaches and is therefore a common cause of headaches. In fact, the most common causes of tension headaches are stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  1. Wearing glasses

How long has it been since you've had your vision checked? Vision problems can cause headaches, sometimes severe. Remember to consult your ophthalmologist, who will advise you to wear glasses if necessary.
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