What are the natural solutions to boost your immunity?

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites are external aggressions that threaten the proper functioning of the body. When the immune system is weak, diseases settle more easily. So how can you strengthen your immune defence? There are some natural remedies to be applied daily to effectively strengthen its defense. But first let's talk about the signs that show that our immune system is weakened, then about the main causes of this weakening and finally about what we could do to something about it.

How to know our immune system is weakened?

Frequent feelings of fatigue, hypersensitivity to infections and wounds that take time to heal or even heal can indicate that our immune system is at its lowest point. Frequent colds, urinary tract infections, herpes rashes, recurring vaginitis and persistent warts can also be signs of infections. Among the factors that can make the natural defence weak are, for example, chromic stress and bad habits in terms of oral hygiene and life in general, but especially lack of sleep. A simple sleepless night reduces the number of a certain family of white blood cells and thus weakens the immune system.

How can you strengthen your immune system?

A good diet, moderate physical activity, good stress management and sufficient sleep are essential for good vitality. Studies have shown that a deficiency of zinc, selenium, iron, copper, calcium, folic acid or one of the vitamins A, B6, C and E can affect our immune system. They have also shown that foods are more effective, easier to access and cheaper compared to some supplements and vitamins.

Good immune-stimulating food

So all you need to do is eat enough fruit and vegetables to boost your immune defence. For example, you should choose onions, garlic and shallots to prevent any microbial attack. Foods rich in beta-carotene such as sweet potatoes and carrots also have anti-inflammatory properties and increase the speed of production of white blood cells and thus fight infections. Herbal and seaweed preparations such as spirulina, a blue-green algae sold in health food stores, are also a good preventive and immune-stimulating complete cure. This will also be the case with some traditional Chinese medicines such as Ginseng. With its both stimulating and calming capacities, Ginseng has the power to help people with weak immune defences to recover from their illness and to increase their physical and mental energy to fight fatigue. It has been revealed that this natural product has no harmful effects on the body.  
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