3 herbs for sleep disorders

Published on : 23 March 20203 min reading time

3 examples of herbs that help you to sleep better:

  1. Ashwagandha

One of the most famous adaptogenic herbs in the world. It has been used for thousands of years in the art of Ayurvedic healing, mainly to remedy sleep problems and burnout. Ashwagandha has many virtues such as helping to have a normal sleep, relaxation and stress reduction. The plant strengthens an exhausted nervous system, neutralizes mental and physical fatigue and increases the body’s ability to recover.

Ashwagandha is present in the preparation of certain molecules, which contain among other things a combination of proven and natural plant extracts from ashwagandha roots and healing passion flowers. The medicine is intended to promote relaxation, create mental and physical well-being and contribute to a good night’s sleep. Ashwagandha is also present in the holistic preparation of some medicines alongside other elements such as a liquid plant extract which also contains liquorice root, Russian root, schizandra and rose root, all of which are important adaptogens for stress (and for fatigue problems).

The herb would also have a positive effect on sex life.

  1. Passion flower

Traditionally used to relieve nervousness, anxiety and sleep problems.

The passion flower, as it is also called, contributes to normal sleep, relaxation and increased mental and physical well-being. It works by calming the central nervous system and, in addition to reducing sleep problems, it also helps to treat “weak nerves”, palpitations and high blood pressure.

Sleep difficulties and anxiety are often due to the fact that there is too little GABA available in the brain (one of the brain’s most important sedatives). It is said that the calming effect of passion flower is precisely due to its ability to increase the amount of GABA available.

Passion flower is present in the molecules of several traditional medicines such as herbal medicines used to rebalance the diet.

  1. Valerian

One of the most widely used plants and the subject of numerous documents concerning the treatment of sleep disorders. Several studies show both faster and deeper sleep after taking the root extract of this plant.

In some countries, valerian preparations have been widely used in traditional and school medicine. Others have regarded them as drugs. However, it is mainly the valerian roots that contain substances (such as valeric acid and valerate) that have a calming and relaxing effect on muscles.

Valerian also helps to regulate the diet by being part of the preparation of certain herbal medicines (in the form of draining with high and equal amounts of valerian and hops).

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