Wearing ruby jewellery

ruby jewellery

Also known as Manek, ruby is undoubtedly one of the most attractive gemstones around. The cherry light that precisely interchanges with the dark shadows gives the gemstone a subtle glow desired by most people. The gemstone’s popularity is perhaps one of the main reasons why it’s extensively used in jewellery. If you are searching for positivity in life and would like to acquire this gemstone, please click here.

You can find the stone in most types of jewellery, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. What’s more, it’s utilized as a centrepiece gemstone in rings and pendants and also as a subordinate stone to complement other types of gemstones.

Top Benefits of Wearing Manek Stone

As said earlier, Manek’s metaphysical solid properties and unique appearance give vitality and energy. Since it’s a strong gemstone, it can provide you with notable positive changes. Manek is natural stone jewellery that originates from the corundum mineral family. In chemical terms, the stone consists of iron, aluminium, oxygen and chromium. Chromium, in particular, is responsible for the stone’s natural blood red to pinkish colour.

Since time immemorial, the gem’s enigma and beauty have lured royals and warriors. In addition to its aesthetic value and visual impact, this gemstone is an exceptional representative of the planet sun. As a result, it gives relief from negativities and brings treasures to a person’s life. Here is a detailed analysis of the stone’s astrological benefits:

It Offers Mental Strength

The stone’s link to the sun gives it the nickname, ‘the king of gems.’ It conveys mental health and strengthens the wearer’s dignity by several nicks. As denoted by Vedic astrology, these natural stones symbolize Navel Chakra or Manipura in your body. The stone inspires this chakra to eliminate depression and self-doubt from your mind. All individuals wearing these natural stones will get an enhancement of passion and self-confidence toward life.

It Imparts Fame and Name

Regardless of your preferred profession, Manek gemstones come in handy in giving you fame and a name in your chosen field. These natural stones support the wearers in attaining success, popularity and fame in their dream career. The stones also boost self-confidence and creativity, which turns out to be the two main aspects of professional success in life.

Nonetheless, it’s recommended to put on the ideal gemstone comprising the proper shape, size, colour and carat weight to enjoy all benefits. So, you may need to pick a new stone that boasts 100% natural ingredients of Manek gemstone.

It Enhances Paternal Relationships

The sun is regarded as the father figure when it comes to Vedic astrology. Due to this, it’s seen to cast positive effects on the paternal relationships of the individuals wearing it. Currently, the astrological advantages of putting on the Manek gemstone include its capability to eliminate the stresses from a bad relationship you may be having with your dad. If you find yourself in a stressed environment with your parents, you may consider investing in a Manek bracelet, pendant, or ring to bring back the much-desired warmth.

It Brings Extravagance and Authority

Manek is profoundly the king of gems. Throughout its existence, it has been linked to royalty. Even in the present scenario, any individual with a favourable sun position in their horoscope can put on the natural Manek gemstone for a kingly status, extravagance and authority. Most astrologers believe that this natural stone benefits the wearer by boosting their financial situation, resulting in a luxuriant and imperial lifestyle.

It Eliminates Evils

Some people believe that placing this stone under your pillow can ensure you are safe against bad dreams and evil spirits. Suppose you experience negative energy often and encounter plenty of nightmares. In that case, you may consider getting in touch with a professional astrologer to help you pick the ideal Manek for your situation.

You may also put on this gemstone in the form of jewellery where it’s supposed to touch your skin. Usually, this direct contact with your skin transcends the gemstone’s powers and energy to your chakras. Due to this, you will outrightly get positive changes and energies in your persona as well as your surroundings. Nevertheless, you need to pick untreated and original stones for the wanted results.

It Improves Marital Harmony

Due to its robust features, Manek boosts warmth and compassion in your relationships. A natural Manek gemstone allows couples to reinvent their relationships with rekindled accord and passion. A Manek stone comes in handy as it imparts positive changes in the lives of a couple that may be facing challenges in their mutual understanding.

Probably, this is the main reasons why this stone is a preferred choice for wedding and engagement rings since the early days. Even today, several couples prefer putting on this stone to sustain their relationship regardless of all the odds.

It Improves Health Conditions

All the gemstones on earth provide healing energies to people, and Manek is not an exception. This natural stone is proven to improve eyesight, restore vitality, in addition to improving your body’s blood circulation. The group of people that suffer from vitamin D deficiency may get unique benefits by wearing this stone in a Panchdhatu of the copper ring.

This natural stone can help you fight some health issues, such as diarrhoea, indigestion, and backbone issues. The individuals who have a weak sun position in their birth charts can suffer from irregular heartbeats, haemorrhages and cardiac issues. Luckily, Manek boosts the sun’s position in their horoscope to lessen these issues ultimately. Besides the physical problems, this gemstone is advantageous to people with disoriented emotional intelligence and a lack of self-esteem.

The above are the fantastic benefits of putting on a Manek gemstone at the right time and with the correct finger. In general, picking the ideal gem is an essential feature. Remember that an incorrect selection may totally ruin the prospects of a peaceful and prosperous life. Thus, you should always avoid depending on an amateur seller when buying this precious gemstone.

The price of this natural stone per carat is relatively high due to its scarcity, particularly if you are searching for the original Burmese stone. In order to pick the ideal gemstone, please consider following these tips:

  • The stone’s colour comes with a profound effect on its properties and value. Thus, pick the correct shade of dark red combined with optimum saturation and consistent colour for the optimal impact. It would be helpful to opt for the pigeon red Manek colour that’s hardly available. The rarity and gorgeousness of this gemstone are worth every investment.
  • The gemstone’s origin plays a substantial role in its astrological advantages. The ancient Manek stones, for instance, contains the ideal colour consistency and outstanding saturation. You may consider purchasing these stones due to their authenticity and beauty. The popular origins of these stones include Burma, Africa, Afghanistan and Thailand.
  • The gemstone’s clarity relies on a couple of aspects, like location, size, angle, and a number of the natural faults contained in the gem. Most rubies consist of minor inclusions which may or may not be noticeable to your naked eyes. Therefore, you may opt for the eye-clean gemstones that contain a blemish-free surface for the much-desired effects.
  • The weight of this natural stone in the carat needs to be correct to give its astrological benefits. It would help if you got in touch with an astrologer to ensure you are picking the ideal carat weight based on your birth charts.

How to Wear Rubies Jewellery

Rubies are usually seen as the birthstone for the July babies, and they’re also regarded to contain superb litho therapy abilities. The bright red colour is breathtaking, and some individuals believe that these gemstones possess magical litho therapy powers. Here are the tips to consider before putting on Manek jewellery.


This gemstone will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to any outfit, making it a perfect accessory if you are attending an anniversary or wedding party. Having said that, rubies may make your casual outfit seem exceptional.

Your Skin Tone

If you consider the Manek red as an accent colour, it’s advisable to recognize whether you have a warm or cool skin tone. In most cases, rubies work perfectly with warm skin tones. Here are the characteristics of individuals with warm skin tones:

  • They look fantastic in earth tones, such as green and brown.
  • They have green veins instead of purple or blue.
  • They tan much more quickly and hardly get sunburned.

Well, this doesn’t mean that those with cool skin tones shouldn’t put on rubies. Instead, it means the shades of red seems much better on the warm tones.

The Colour of Your Outfit

If you have the ideal occasion to put on the Manek jewellery, it will be essential for you to pick an outfit that contains neutral tones. Here, consider colours, such as gold, tan and white, as they enable the vibrant red loveliness of this prised stone to be the centre of attraction.

Lastly, rubies are striking gemstones, and putting them on is undoubtedly a pleasure. Make sure you know how to take good care of them as they deserve the best treatment.

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