Enjoy peaceful nights and restful sleep!

Lack of sleep can have serious consequences for your health, but also for your overall well-being. Difficult sleep can, for example, cause a bad mood in the morning.  A sleepless night can also cause slight memory loss. A good night's sleep is therefore essential for staying in good shape. But how do you get a good night's rest and a good night's sleep? Here are some tips and good practices for a good night's sleep.

The symptoms of bad sleep

Seeing a doctor has become a reflex when the following cases arise. You are tired in the morning or have the urge to sleep during the day or you have difficulty falling asleep at night because of unpleasant sensations in your legs. You struggle to stay active, your sleep is restless because of snoring and breathing stops during sleep. Well, actually, it's all the effect of bad sleep. So how do you get better sleep?

Some good tips for a good night's sleep

It is advisable to go to bed and wake up at set times, even on weekends. Studies have shown that going to bed at the same time every night helps the body get used to regular and sufficient sleep. The quality of the night also plays a very important role in a good night's sleep. If you miss a night's sleep, it is not recovered by the quantity, but by the quality of the next night. Sleeping before midnight is more restful than sleeping later, at 1 or 2 am. Sleep around 11pm will allow us to recover as well as possible and to support the sleep deprivations. Regular physical exercise during the day helps us to fall asleep. Avoid fatigue caused by physical exercise in the evening, especially before going to sleep. Above all, take the time to relax. Good relaxation and mental and physical well-being can help in all circumstances.

Habits to avoid in order to get a good night's sleep

To maintain a natural sleep, it is advisable to avoid sleeping during the day. If you take a nap, do not exceed 20 minutes, as your need for sleep will be less and you will wake up more easily. Also avoid overeating in the evening as digestion delays falling asleep. Drinking plenty of water before going to sleep is also not recommended. It will force you to go to the toilet very often, which can spoil your sleep. Also, noise and light can be the reason for difficulty falling asleep. Try to plunge into total darkness and silence. Pets that sleep and move on you induce micro-awakenings, which can lead to poor sleep quality. Never use medication to sleep without consulting your doctor. All exciting things like coffee, tea, cola, vitamin C should also be avoided. They increase night awakenings and delay falling asleep. And finally as soon as the sleep signals appear, do not wait, go to bed right away.
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