Say bye to bad fat and hello to muscles!

Still can't get the fat out of your body that prevents your muscles from working properly the way you want them to? A few optimizations in your diet could make it easier for you. You can also make a few changes to your training routine for even more efficiency.

Boost your proteins

In order for your body to burn the calories you take in, you need to fill up on protein at every meal. In fact, it is the protein consumed during digestion that will burn the calories. Therefore, by consuming fewer calories than your body spends, your body will have no choice but to draw from your fat and sugar reserves. What's more, proteins also help you feel full because they take longer to digest. Not only can you say goodbye to your fat stores, but at the same time, you can get stronger while enjoying your favourite foods thanks to protein. As a component of amino acids, protein is an effective component in building your muscles. Thus, the more protein synthesis is superior to protein breakdown, the stronger and fatter your muscle cells will be because, as you train, you destroy these cells in order to force them to repair and rebuild themselves.

Trust Omega 3 fatty acids

Need an effective remedy that will allow you to eliminate fat and gain weight at the same time? You can of course rely on fish oils via sardines or salmon, which are very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. According to researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, the omega 3 fatty acids generated by fish oils help fight cortisol, which will allow your body to limit fat absorption. Once cortisol production is limited, you can avoid unnecessary pounds on your stomach and thighs.

Combine cardio and weight training

Of course, endurance sports can boost the metabolism during and after exercise. And this is the case with cardio training. Therefore, instead of focusing solely on strength training, you should also consider regular heart training. With this kind of exercise, in addition to losing fat efficiently and quickly, you can further strengthen your endurance, which will enable you to perform very well during your strength training exercises. By performing well, you can easily focus on training with heavy loads while reducing the amount of time you need to take a break between each exercise. So goodbye fat, hello muscles!
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