Six Ways to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

If your doctor tells you that your blood pressure is too high, you can take steps to get your blood pressure back to normal. Normal blood pressure can protect against stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, eye problems and even cognitive problems.

Lifestyle changes, better medications

According to experts, it is well known that lifestyle changes are as effective in lowering blood pressure as medications, and in relieving side effects. Lifestyle changes can be a challenge, but no major changes are necessary to lower high blood pressure.
  1. Losing weight
The most effective way to reduce blood pressure is to lose weight. You don't have to lose a lot of weight, but it can be enough with a few pounds if you are slightly overweight. In other cases, a more substantial loss is required.
  1. Reduce salt intake
Despite conflicting research findings, salt is still considered a major contributor to high blood pressure. Reducing salt intake is easier by preparing your own food. For example, it is easy to know roughly how much salt is in your meals.

Foods that contain a lot of salt include :

- Bread and husks - Cheese products - Pizza - Ready-to-use soups - Snacks
  1. Do regular physical activity
There's no need to try too hard. Half an hour five times a week will keep you in shape. Make sure you choose an activity that gives you pleasure and suits your body. For some, it's dancing, while others like to bike or go for a brisk walk.
  1. Working out
Weight training helps to reduce weight and keep in shape.
  1. Reduce alcohol consumption
Drinking alcohol often can contribute to high blood pressure.
  1. Reduce stress with meditation
Stress hormones cause blood vessels to contract and may contribute to a temporary rise in blood pressure. Over time, stress can also lead to unhealthy behaviours and habits that can affect cardiovascular health, such as sleep problems. Reducing stress should therefore be a priority for those who wish to lower their blood pressure.
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