Hand, foot and facial care!

Almost every woman dreams of beautiful, soft, manicured hands, beautiful, moisturized, light and relaxed feet and a firm, soft and beautiful face with youthful skin. However, due to the use of aggressive cleaning products, exposure to the cold, sun and natural ageing, your hands, feet and face need to be cleaned, moisturised and nourished.

Hand care

A pretty hand is a real asset of seduction, so take care of your nails. Don't panic if your nails are too short or break easily. There are specialists specially trained in beauty and well-being and especially manicure to succumb to your desires. All you have to do is go to a beauty centre to meet your needs. With this in mind, any beauty centre worthy of the name must be able to offer you these few formulas that can give you a glamorous, chic, classic, eccentric or colourful nail. First of all, the hand massage. This kind of massage is ideal for total relaxation and to give your hands a youthful look in case of dry, cracked hands. Then the exfoliation, the intense nutrition serum, the nutrition masks and the moisturizing cream. To perfect the beauty of your hands, nothing is better than a small session of nail care, including the application of nail polish. There are a few types of nail polish, including semi-permanent nail polish that will accompany you for at least 2 weeks. To remove it, simply soak your nails in a solution of sweet almond oil, water and acetone for about 10 minutes.

Foot care

As far as the feet are concerned, they too need care. Compressed in shoes all day long, feet are often forgotten when they need to be pampered in the same way as face and hands. Among the treatments that exist are for example make-up removal, cuticles, calluses. Filing, semi-permanent varnishing, nutrition and modelling are also to be considered. A foot bath with mineral salts can rejuvenate and soothe your feet and make them lighter.

Facial care

Age, hormones, climate, external aggressions make our skin unstable. Face care makes it more static, firmer and younger. However, they depend on age and according to needs. In general the facial treatment is as follows: it starts with a thorough cleansing of the skin, an exfoliation and a steam bath, as well as a relaxing massage. The treatment continues with the application of a serum, mask or scrub. Finally, the skin is beautified with a cream. The face massage is essential, by practicing regularly the tensions of your face are released, the wrinkle is less apparent, the blood circulation stimulates.
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