Natural cosmetics certified cruelty-free

Since many years now, veganism has started to assert itself in the world, but especially in the field of cosmetic products. And the influence of the demand pushes the supply to conserve and respect nature. Thus, cosmetic brands are committed to producing wide ranges of products that meet the required criteria. But how to prove that they really respect their commitment? In particular, there are specialised bodies such as PETA. What is PETA, what is its role? What is the difference between cruelty free and vegan? These different points will be highlighted in this article.

PETA-certified products

PETA or Association for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is the world's largest animal rights organisation. Its main role is to defend all animal exploitation. PETA certified products have therefore been well checked and controlled. They must meet only one condition: cruelty-free to animals. Thus, the label allows their customer and producing company to contribute to the fight against the mistreatment of animals of all kinds.

The Cruelty Free certification

The Cruelty Free, as its name indicates, certifies that during the production of the product in question, no animal has been mistreated. In fact, this is their main objective. Indeed, many animals can be killed during the extraction of ingredients. Products certified by the cruelty free label may therefore contain ingredients of animal origin and even some products may contain animal substances as raw materials. However, to be certified cruelty free, those products must correctly comply with the required standard, no violence, pain or suffering on the animal. But what is the difference with the vagina?


And being vegan means protecting the rights of animals, especially on the exploitation of animals in laboratories slaughter and / or torture. The vegan is more demanding than the cruelty-free. For them, there is no question of using products that have the slightest animal substance... This means excluding not only the exploitation of animals, but also all products from animals. Products such as leather, fur, wool, silk, beeswax and even medicines tested on animals. All products are guaranteed plant-based. This practice helps producers to better conserve nature with healthy products. It says nothing better than using Mother Nature for our well-being.
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