Orthodontics is ageless, discover adult orthodontics!

Teeth can become damaged for many reasons, including illness, accident or just age. For the elderly, there is an effective solution to straighten misplaced teeth. This is adult orthodontics. It is above all a procedure that both maintains the teeth and restores a beautiful smile. If you want to try this treatment, you must approach an orthodontist.

Adult orthodonticsĀ : protection and dental aestheticism

Orthodontics is not just for children. It concerns all age groups, even adults. The benefits of this treatment are numerous. It is only necessary to choose the most suitable technique. It is possible, for example, for the patient to choose transparent aligners called aligners. As they are 1 mm thick, they have the advantage of being discreet. This method of adult orthodontics is especially ideal for people who play a musical instrument or sing. For treatment, the professional establishes a treatment plan to move the teeth little by little until the final result is achieved. He visualizes it in 3D simulation. Another advantage of aligners is that they can be removed at any time. Another technique used is lingual attachments. These are very popular because of their aesthetic appeal. Placed inside the teeth, they are invisible. Finally, there is the method with the classical attachments also called vestibular attachments. This adult orthodontic procedure is the most widespread and least expensive. Its advantage is that it does not interfere with speech. For useful information on dental maintenance and hygiene, consult the Health Tip site.

Orthodontics for adults: a protective and esthetic dental technique

Orthodontics is a dental specialty that consists of correcting bad posture of the jaws and teeth. It concerns not only young adolescents but also adults. Moreover, orthodontics provides dental protection for adults with its protective mouthguards. The upper jaw and teeth will be protected thanks to the flexible and non-deformable material. This adult orthodontic appliance can be used by an adult person during physical and sports activities. If the individual plays very rough sports such as rugby, American football, basketball, the orthodontic appliance will serve as a mouthguard. An adult person will feel comfortable and safe with these braces. Adult orthodontics is a technique of cosmetic dentistry. It allows the patient to have a better smile by fixing and whitening the teeth. It is a way to lighten the colour of the enamel and whiten the teeth. In addition, it also stabilizes the teeth and sets up the final dental occlusion. It can be used to rejuvenate the elderly through the method of dental posture correction.

Important points to know before embarking on adult orthodontics

The decision to undergo orthodontic treatment takes between 6 to 24 months. The duration of adult orthodontics is somewhat shorter. It only takes six to eight months to realign a tooth that has moved. Only in more complex cases can the treatment last long enough. To do this treatment, you can't eat everything in order to avoid the risk of braces coming off. Therefore, no sweets, apples, sandwiches or chewing gum will be eaten. This treatment requires impeccable oral hygiene in order to limit the risk of cavities or bleeding gums.  
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